Writer. Director. Performer.

Scrambled Egg Chef.

Writer. Director.  

I’m The main game, the big kahona, the dream, yada yada yada, you get the idea. 2021 was a massive turning point as I wrote, directed and produced a live action sitcom pilot called The Sketchbook and a comedy animation Time Family. 

The projects opened several doors and I’m now developing a series of ideas for different networks. 

Political Satire. Podcaster. 

I’m currently building a YouTube channel called Newsageddon (formally Cut the Crap). It’s a work in progress and in 2022 we’re planning plenty of sketch comedy. 

Live Streaming Charity Fundraisers

Working with different charities including Children’s hospice Richard House and The Cup of Kindness, I organise live streaming charity fundraisers across YouTube and Twitch. Viewers donate in real time for a chance to put their question forward to the guests. 

In 2022 we’re planning Red Dwarf, Black Books and many more. 

Event Host

Before you know what happened March 2020 I would travel across the UK and abroad to host corporate events, award ceremonies, family events and fundraising auction events.

In-between lockdowns I still do the odd gig every now and then, check out my event host site below for more info.  

Business and Life Mastery-ish

I’ve built and sold 5 businesses and I’ve got two business books out there, somewhere in the depths of Amazon. So I started a little YouTube channel to talk about business stuff in a non-stuffy way. 

I stopped producing content for it in July 2021, as I realised my plate was already full. I might pick it up again, someday, who knows.  

Get In Touch. 

(as long as you’re not a bot of some kind, which is going to try and sell me something terrible, tell me that I’ve got a long lost uncle that I’m getting money from if I transfer £10k or try to get me to invest in transporting icebergs. Although if it was the last one, I’d probably humour you for a bit, just to feel like Brewster. If you’re not sure what the hell I’m talking about, then you seriously need to check out some classic comedy, no really, put your 2020’s comedy aside and take a look at what the 80s produced) 

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