Time Family

An English gent invent time travel to bond
with his adopted kids and slovenly wife. Accidently
rewriting history along the way, they need to avoid
Satan who plans to steal the time machine to turn Earth
into a living hell.


The Time Family Story

When ‘you know what’ happened in 2020 which gave me plenty of time to focus on comedy production after taking a long break.

Being a big fan of comedies such as Family Guy and American Dad I decided to develop a script for an animation. Inspired by several people in my own life the script for Time Family quickly came together. 

With next to no money I set off to find an animator who was in a similar boat to myself and was looking to make a name for him/herself. I posted a few ads on freelance sites and was lucky to meet animator Sinead Walshe. 


The script went through some additional refinement and once it was signed off Sinead then started work on the animation, casting quickly followed and within 12 months the whole project was complete. 

We had Titmouse attached as production partners and pitched to a range of networks including Warner and ViacomCBS. 

Time Family went into consideration with ViacomCBS, however unfortunately went no further.