In this comedy short baby yoda regrets his choices.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, Baby Yoda embarked on a comedy short lightsaber training session with his mentor, Master Jedi Luke Skywalker. The adorable green bundle of cuteness, eager to learn the ways of the Force, donned a tiny Jedi robe and held a miniature lightsaber that resembled a mere glow stick in his tiny hands.


Master Luke Skywalker, his iconic lightsaber at the ready, stood before Baby Yoda with a patient smile.

(comically serious)
Are you ready for your training, young Padawan?

Baby Yoda, with his oversized eyes gleaming, nodded excitedly, creating an irresistible charm that made even the sternest Jedi crack a smile.

Alright, let’s start with the basics. Hold your lightsaber with both hands, just like this.

Luke demonstrated the proper grip, but Baby Yoda’s enthusiasm got the best of him. In an attempt to mimic Luke’s moves, he swung his lightsaber with all his might, accidentally sending it flying across the room.


Comedy short indeed! Let’s try that again, but maybe with a little less…enthusiasm.

Baby Yoda sheepishly retrieved the lightsaber and returned to his training position, ready for another attempt.

Focus, young Padawan. Channel your energy into the Force, and remember, the lightsaber is an extension of yourself.

Baby Yoda concentrated, his tiny brow furrowed, as he tried to find his inner Force. With a determined expression, he swung his lightsaber once more, but this time, he lost his balance and tumbled backward, giggling uncontrollably.

Well, that was a comedy short for the archives. Remember, balance is key, my young friend.

Baby Yoda, undeterred by his little mishap, quickly got back on his tiny feet and struck a pose that resembled a Jedi master.

Yoda, I am!

The room filled with laughter, as Luke couldn’t resist the adorable sight before him.

Indeed, a comedy short in the making, you are!

The training continued, with Baby Yoda’s tiny steps and clumsy lightsaber swings accompanied by Luke’s gentle guidance and laughter.


As the session progressed, Baby Yoda’s confidence grew, and his control over the lightsaber improved—well, slightly. But just as they were about to wrap up, an unexpected visitor entered the training room—a mischievous Porg.

The Porg, enticed by the sparkling glow of Baby Yoda’s lightsaber, darted towards him, playfully nipping at his robes. Startled, Baby Yoda swung his lightsaber in a frantic attempt to fend off the feisty creature.


Baby Yoda’s lightsaber hits a wall, causing it to short-circuit and emit a flurry of sparks.
The Porg, unharmed but thoroughly amused, continues to playfully chase Baby Yoda, leading to a comical game of hide-and-seek.
Luke, unable to contain his laughter, tries to intervene but ends up tripping over a training droid, falling flat on his face.
Finally, with Luke’s help, Baby Yoda managed to calm down and regain control of the situation.

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