Comedy Writing

Kevin has produced several scripts in past and has had near misses with commissions for the BBC, ITV and at one point he had a series green-lit by Comedy Central, although it was pulled the day before production. Here’s an overview of a few key past projects, along with any current ones too. 

Current Projects

Time Family

Time Family is a new animated comedy where a middle aged couple, gentlemen William and his slobby life-partner Anne, travel in time for fun. Using Cubey, a time travelling device invented by William, they travel with their two adopted children, the hormonally unbalanced Ben (13) and the newly adopted, moody and resentful Nubia (15).

Keeping a watchful eye over them are two omnipotent mysterious supermarket employees who plan to steal the time machine to turn Earth into a living hell.

In the pilot episode Anne unintentionally causes World War 3, Ben’s perversion for inanimate objects is revealed, a medieval fight makes Nubia sick, Satan reins in Damien’s thirst for death and destruction, Greg makes an impossible word and William sacrifices his sexuality for the sake of the human race.

Past Projects

The Studio takes a satirical look at the world of online stardom, through the eyes of Nigel, who’s desperate to be an online star. He used an inheritance to fund a small production set-up in his studio flat based a suburb of London. Nigel manages a channel on PlayVid (fictitious version of YouTube), on which he features interviews with celebrities and covers press events that his team blags him into.  

Nigel (34) is way behind with the times after shunning most forms of social media, he takes action without thinking about the consequences and his online channel has less views than most individual videos of cats falling down stairs.

No matter how much effort and planning Nigel puts into his career, his unlucky nature and incompetent team always trips him up.

Nigel has two colleagues working alongside him, cameraman Daffyd and celebrity booker Ellen. Daffyd lacks direction, he’s petty, envious of others, hopeless, overweight and Welsh.  Ellen is mid-30s, attractive, playful and selfish.

This script got Kevin an hour long meeting with a commissioner with the BBC. Although the project was shortlisted, it didn’t move forward.