My path to becoming a comedy film maker has been a long one and there’s been plenty of tangents along the way. 

I originally pursued a career as a radio presenter and after a few stints at local radio stations,  I moved onto TV presenting. Armed with what I thought was a half decent show reel I then approached production companies to be a presenter for them. The response I got across the board was the same ‘you’re OK, but we’ve already got presenters that we use’. 

After looking at the business model behind presenting I decided to create a production company, which I would then present for. Within a couple of months I was presenting on the red carpet and within six months I was being sent to the states, presenting pieces for Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers. 

Whilst it was fun, I knew I was at the fickle end of the industry and looking up to people like Ricky Gervais, I began pursing a career as a comedy Director, performer and writer. I create a TV pilot called Everything’s Wrong in 2012 and, well, this is where things go off track. 

My time became split with the TV Presenting world that I had created for myself and my comedy game. Also I was firmly convinced that I could make it in the world of TV comedy, always telling myself that the next script will be the one that finally gets me noticed. This didn’t happen. 

Over the years there were near misses with several projects, with a few coming to a head in 2016, it was a hell of a year. Comedy Central greenlit a chat show, which was pulled the day before the pilot, a commissioner at the BBC considered a sitcom script which he didn’t go forward with and a co-writer on a film that I had worked on for nearly 2 years destroyed the project with unreasonable terms. 


Fast forward to 2020, you know what happens, which provides me with an amazing opportunity to get back into productions. I create a live action sitcom pilot and an sci-fi comedy animated pilot. Both projects open up numerous doors and help me build some great contacts. 

In early 2022 I realise that I need to build my own platforms and I begin online comedy sketches across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts. Towards the end of the year and after some bumpy experiences with the BBC, I finally realise that I need to make and self-distribute my own movies (long story). 

In early 2023 I begin developing two comedy feature film scripts titled B-Movie and The Silent Idiot. Development also begins on an animated comedy short film. 

Alongside everything that happened during this time I needed to pay the bills, so I’ve created and sold five different businesses. The first business started as a DJ company, which expanded into events, the second company was a photography agency, the third was a property business, the forth was an online comedy publication and the fifth was an entertainment business. 

It’s been a bumpy road to find out what my passion truly is. By doing what feels like a million things, I’ve finally found it…..probably.