Bad Boys REGGIE has CHANGED #shorts

In this Bad Boys sketch, the character Reggie has CHANGED.

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Miami, Reggie, the charismatic character from the movie “Bad Boys,” found himself in the midst of a comical transformation. In a twist of fate, Reggie woke up one morning to discover that he had turned into a 40-year-old white guy. With his life flipped upside down, Reggie embarked on a hilariously bewildering journey of self-discovery.


Reggie, still in shock, stares at his reflection in the mirror, utterly baffled by his new appearance. His once smooth, chocolate skin has been replaced by fair complexion and a receding hairline.

What in the comedy short world just happened?

Determined to make sense of his comically absurd predicament, Reggie sets out on a quest to find answers. He heads to the local library, hoping to uncover any hints of magical mishaps or supernatural forces.


Reggie delves into an endless sea of books, searching for answers in the comedy short section. As he comically peruses the shelves, a librarian, MRS. JENKINS, spots him and approaches, her curiosity piqued.

Can I help you find something, sir?

I don’t know, Mrs. Jenkins. I woke up this morning and poof! I turned into a 40-year-old white guy. Any comedy short books on that?

I’m afraid I don’t have any books on that particular transformation, but maybe you should embrace this new chapter of your life. After all, comedy can be found in the most unexpected places.

I suppose you’re right, Mrs. Jenkins. Time to embrace the comedy short of being a 40-year-old white guy.

Embracing his new reality, Reggie ventures into the world, determined to navigate the challenges and absurdities that come with his transformation.


Reggie encounters familiar faces, friends and colleagues from his past life as a smooth-talking ladies’ man. The comedic irony is not lost on him as he tries to explain his transformation.

(laughing awkwardly)
I guess I’ve taken a detour from being the cool Reggie to a comedy short version of… Bob.

Bob? Wow, Reggie, you’ve really gone through some changes!

Together, they share laughter-filled moments, reminiscing about the past and embracing the comedic twists and turns of life.


Reggie, now Bob, finds himself sitting at a café, sipping coffee with his newfound friend, LISA. They discuss their dreams, aspirations, and the comedy short nature of life’s surprises.

(raising an eyebrow)
So, Bob, tell me, what’s the funniest thing about being a 40-year-old white guy now?

Well, let me tell you, Lisa. The comedy short is that people expect me to know about things like taxes, mortgages, and lawn care. Little do they know, I’m still Reggie at heart.

Their laughter fills the café, drawing curious glances from other patrons who can’t help but be infected by their joyful energy.

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