Landlord BANGS Dog

This is a story about a terrible landlord who bangs his dog.


I asked Chat GPT to write a story about a landlord who likes his dog too much in the style of Family Guy, here’s what it did.

[Opening scene: The Griffin family is gathered in their living room, watching TV. Peter is flipping through channels when he comes across a news report.]

Tom Tucker (on TV): In local news, residents of Quahog are up in arms over the notorious landlord, Mr. Snidely, who’s been terrorizing tenants with outrageous demands.

[Cut to Mr. Snidely’s apartment building. He’s a stout man with a sinister mustache and a penchant for wearing a top hat. His evil laugh echoes through the hallways.]

Mr. Snidely: (chuckling) Ah, my dear tenants. Time to raise the rent again!

[Cut to the Griffin family reacting in horror.]

Lois: (concerned) This is terrible! We can’t afford another rent increase!

Peter: Don’t worry, Lois. I’ll handle this. (pauses) And by “handle,” I mean I’ll complain a lot.

[Meanwhile, at Mr. Snidely’s apartment, he’s seen cuddling with his dog, a menacing-looking poodle named Diablo.]

Mr. Snidely: Oh, Diablo, my faithful companion. Together, we shall rule this building!

[Cut to Peter approaching Mr. Snidely’s office to discuss the rent increase.]

Peter: (angry) Snidely, you can’t keep raising the rent like this! We’re just regular folks trying to make ends meet.

Mr. Snidely: (smirking) Regular folks, you say? Well, regular folks can’t resist the charm of my little Diablo.

[Diablo lets out an intimidating growl as Peter eyes the poodle suspiciously.]

Peter: (sarcastic) Oh, yeah, real cute dog you got there.

[Cut to a montage of Mr. Snidely using Diablo to intimidate other tenants into compliance. The dog barks menacingly, causing neighbors to cower and pay up.]

[Back at the Griffin household, Brian the family dog is watching the news report with disdain.]

Brian: (sarcastic) Great, another villain with a dog complex.

[Peter, determined to stand up to Mr. Snidely, devises a plan.]

Peter: (whispering to the family) We need to expose Snidely’s weakness – that ridiculous love for his poodle.

[Cut to the Griffins trying various schemes to expose Mr. Snidely’s dog obsession – Stewie attempts a sting operation, Meg tries to befriend Diablo, and Chris creates a distraction with a poorly executed magic show.]

[Finally, Peter comes up with the perfect plan. He dresses up as a dog trainer and offers to teach Diablo some tricks.]

Peter: (acting) Mr. Snidely, your dog could be the talk of the town with a few tricks up his furry sleeve!

[Mr. Snidely, blinded by his love for Diablo, eagerly agrees.]

[Cut to Peter teaching Diablo ridiculous tricks while the family watches from a distance.]

Peter: Now, Diablo, play dead! (Diablo obediently falls over)

[The Griffins burst into laughter as Mr. Snidely looks on in shock.]

Mr. Snidely: (angered) What is the meaning of this?

Peter: (smirking) You see, Snidely, even evil landlords can have a soft spot for their furry friends.

[The news catches wind of the scandal, and Mr. Snidely’s reputation takes a hit. The tenants unite and demand fair treatment.]

[In the end, Mr. Snidely, defeated and humiliated, is forced to lower the rents. The Griffins celebrate their victory.]

Lois: (proud) Good job, Peter! You really showed that evil landlord he can’t mess with the little guy!

Peter: (grinning) Yeah, and it turns out, man’s worst enemy isn’t the landlord – it’s his own dog!

[The family laughs as Brian rolls his eyes, realizing he dodged a bullet this time.]

[Closing scene: The Griffins share a group hug, and the scene ends with Peter attempting to teach Brian new tricks – much to Brian’s chagrin.]

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