Embarrassing Dad on Sub #shorts

Part 2 of the short comedy film Bigous Idiotous. See the full video below.
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Kevin was many things: a loving father, a quirky friend, and, above all, a big kid at heart. At 40, he hadn’t outgrown his penchant for mischief and fun. His 12-year-old daughter, Lily, was his partner in crime, sharing his zest for life and his love for all things adventurous.

One day, while brainstorming their next escapade, Kevin came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to combine his love for filmmaking with his playful spirit, creating a short comedy movie set in the unlikeliest of locations—a submarine. He could already imagine the quirky characters, the slapstick comedy, and the hilarious mishaps that would unfold in the confined space of a submarine.

Kevin’s excitement was infectious, and Lily was onboard immediately. With a budget scraped together from their savings, they enlisted the help of their friends—a mix of artists, actors, and tech-savvy individuals who were more than eager to bring Kevin’s unique vision to life.

After weeks of preparation, the day of filming finally arrived. The crew gathered around the makeshift set—a replica of a submarine interior they had built in Kevin’s garage. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation and nervous excitement.

“Alright, everyone, let’s make a short comedy movie that’ll have everyone in stitches!” Kevin announced, his energy boundless.

“Cut! That was fantastic, Lily! And Kevin, your pratfall was a masterpiece,” their friend Amy, who was the director, exclaimed.

With each passing scene, the camaraderie between the cast and crew grew stronger. They were all united by a shared love for creativity and laughter. As the days went by, they faced challenges—props that malfunctioned, lines that were forgotten, and a cramped space that occasionally led to unintentional comedic moments. But every hurdle was met with laughter, a testament to their determination to make something truly special.

One of the most memorable scenes was a slapstick chase involving Lily and Kevin. The cramped quarters of the submarine made the pursuit hilariously absurd. Kevin, in pursuit of Lily’s character, found himself entangled in cables, slipping on banana peels (literally), and accidentally knocking over a stack of prop crates. It was a scene that required multiple takes because the crew couldn’t stop laughing.

Off-screen, their friendship deepened. The crew enjoyed homemade lunches together, shared stories, and celebrated small victories with homemade cake. Lily became the darling of the set, with crew members doting on her and helping her with her schoolwork during breaks.

As the filming wrapped up, a mixture of exhaustion and satisfaction hung in the air. The crew gathered one last time to watch the final cut of the short comedy movie they had created. Laughter echoed through the room as the characters’ antics played out on screen.

“You know,” Kevin said, his eyes twinkling, “making a short comedy movie on a submarine might have been a crazy idea, but it turned out to be the best adventure yet.”

The sentiment was shared by all. They had embarked on a creative journey that had not only resulted in a hilarious movie but had also brought them closer together as friends and collaborators.

A few weeks later, they held a private screening of their short comedy movie. The garage-turned-submarine set was transformed into a cozy theater, complete with popcorn and dimmed lights. The cast, crew, and their families were in attendance, brimming with excitement.

As the movie played, the room was filled with laughter and cheers. Lily beamed with pride as she saw herself on the screen, and Kevin couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. The movie was a testament to their shared dreams, hard work, and the power of creative collaboration.

After the screening, amidst applause and congratulations, Lily hugged her dad tightly.

“Dad, this was the best adventure ever,” she whispered.

Kevin smiled down at her. “And it’s not over yet, kiddo. There are many more adventures waiting for us.”

And so, Kevin’s spirit of playfulness and his boundless love for laughter continued to inspire those around him. The short comedy movie they had made was more than just a film—it was a testament to the magic that happens when creativity, camaraderie, and a big kid’s heart come together.

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