Bigous Idiotous – Comedy Short Film

This is a comedy short film called Bigous Idiotous, where Scarlet’s Dad Kevin suffers from a condition whereby every time they meet, he turns into a big kid.


I decided to make this short film in preparation for a feature film that I’m shooting later in the year.

Is the short film perfect, no, far from it. I kept things very loose, with a crew of only one person, to stress test my own production limits.

In a cozy suburban neighborhood, we meet Kevin, a recently divorced single dad with a heart full of mischief. His 12-year-old daughter, Scarlet, brings out the playful side in him, turning every moment into a comedy short film. The film takes us through a day of their hilarious escapades.

Scene 1: Morning Madness
Comedy Short Film:
Kevin’s alarm blares, jolting him awake. He springs out of bed with the energy of a caffeinated squirrel, clad in his superhero-themed pajamas. With a dramatic swish, he pulls back his curtains to greet the morning sun.

Comedy Short Film: 2
In the kitchen, he whips up a pancake tower with whipped cream hair and a banana smiley face. “Breakfast, served with a side of comedy short film magic!” he announces with a flourish.

Scene 2: Goofy Greetings
Comedy Short Film: 3
Scarlet enters the kitchen, blinking at her dad’s antics. “Dad, are you trying to win the award for the zaniest dad?”

Comedy Short Film: 4
Kevin strikes a pose, one hand on his hip and the other waving an imaginary award. “Why, yes! The prestigious ‘Comedy Short Film Dad of the Year’!”

Scene 3: Impromptu Dance Party
Comedy Short Film: 5
On the way to school, Kevin can’t resist busting out his signature dance move, the “Dad Shuffle.” He wiggles and spins, narrowly avoiding a collision with a mailbox.

Comedy Short Film: 6

Scarlet covers her face with her hands, shaking her head. “Dad, you’re turning the sidewalk into a comedy short film!”

Scene 4: School Pick-Up Prank

Comedy Short Film: 7

When Kevin arrives to pick up Scarlet from school, he’s wearing a rubber chicken on his head. Kids around them giggle and point, as if they’ve just walked into a live comedy short film.

Comedy Short Film: 8

Scarlet rolls her eyes, pretending to be embarrassed. “Dad, you’re a walking, clucking comedy short film.”

Scene 5: Silly Science Experiments

Comedy Short Film: 9

Back at home, Kevin suggests they do a science experiment involving baking soda and vinegar. However, he forgets to calculate the explosive results, and soon, foam is overflowing onto the kitchen counter.

Comedy Short Film: 10

Scarlet raises an eyebrow, her face half-covered in foam. “Dad, our kitchen has transformed into a bubbling comedy short film laboratory!”

Scene 6: Park Shenanigans

Comedy Short Film: 11

At the park, Kevin challenges Scarlet to a race, complete with exaggerated sound effects and running in slow motion. They cross the finish line, collapsing in a fit of laughter.

Comedy Short Film: 12

Scarlet points to an elderly couple nearby, chuckling, “Dad, you’ve just given them a front-row seat to our comedy short film marathon!”

Scene 7: Artistic Antics

Comedy Short Film: 13

Deciding to embrace their creative sides, Kevin and Scarlet set up a painting station in the backyard. Kevin ends up with more paint on his face than on the canvas, turning their artistic venture into a comedy short film masterpiece.

Comedy Short Film: 14
Scarlet holds up her paint-splattered hands, “Dad, our backyard is like a gallery of comedy short film paintings!”

Scene 8: Bedtime Bonanza

Comedy Short Film: 15
As the day winds down, Kevin turns bedtime into an adventure. He reads a story with dramatic voices and actions, making Scarlet laugh until her sides hurt.

Comedy Short Film: 16
Scarlet giggles, struggling to catch her breath, “Dad, you’re the king of bedtime comedy short films!”

Comedy Short Film: 18
Scarlet raises an eyebrow, playing along, “Oh really, Dad? And what’s the official title?”

Comedy Short Film: 19
Kevin leans closer, a twinkle in his eye, “The Chief Executive Officer of Comedy Short Films!”

Comedy Short Film: 20
They burst into laughter, their bond stronger than ever.
The comedy short film ends with Kevin and Scarlet sharing a heartfelt hug, reminding us that even in the silliest moments, the connection between a father and daughter is the ultimate comedy short film that warms the heart.

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