In this episode of Comedy Love Doctors a woman writes that she is frustrated with her boyfriend because he is a mummy”s boy.


In the bustling city of Millington, Emma found herself entangled in a relationship that seemed to have an invisible third party—her boyfriend, James’ ever-present mother, Margaret. It wasn’t that Emma disliked Margaret; it was the unyielding bond between mother and son that began to wear on her nerves.

It all came to a head one Sunday afternoon when Emma and James had planned a romantic picnic in the park. As they unpacked the basket, Margaret appeared out of nowhere, armed with an extra-large container of homemade lasagna.

“James, darling, you must try this. Emma, dear, I made it just for you both,” Margaret insisted with a warm smile.

Emma forced a polite smile, though her frustration simmered beneath the surface. The romantic ambiance she had envisioned was replaced by the overpowering presence of James’ doting mother.

As the weeks went by, Emma found herself caught in a cycle of family dinners, surprise visits, and Margaret’s unsolicited advice on everything from interior decor to weekend plans. Each attempt to address the issue with James only resulted in defensive arguments about the importance of family.

One evening, after Margaret had once again rearranged their plans, Emma sat down with James in their quiet apartment.

“James, we need to talk,” Emma said, trying to keep her voice steady. “I feel like your mother is a constant presence in our relationship. I need us to have some space to build our life together.”

James, torn between loyalty to his mother and his love for Emma, sighed deeply. “I understand, Emma. But she’s my mother, and family is important. Can’t you see that?”

Frustration building, Emma decided to take a break to clear her head. She sought solace in the local park, where she found an elderly woman feeding pigeons.

As they chatted, Emma learned that the woman had faced a similar situation in her youth. She advised Emma to have an honest conversation with James and set clear boundaries for their relationship.

Armed with newfound wisdom, Emma returned home determined to express her feelings openly. She and James had a heart-to-heart conversation, where she explained the need for boundaries and independence in their relationship.

To her surprise, James listened attentively and, after some contemplation, agreed to set boundaries with his mother. The couple decided to establish specific days for family visits, ensuring they also had quality time for themselves.

As the weeks passed, Emma witnessed positive changes in their relationship. The newfound balance allowed them to nurture their connection without feeling suffocated by external influences. James’ mother, though initially resistant, came to appreciate the space they needed as a couple.

Through open communication and compromise, Emma and James were able to salvage their relationship, demonstrating that even the strongest bonds could be renegotiated with love and understanding.

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