In this comedy short I get really annoyed with effects.

AI helps out below.

Once upon a time in the bustling town of Laughterville, there lived a creator named Charlie. Armed with a wild imagination and a penchant for comedy, Charlie set out to create the ultimate comedy short. Little did Charlie know that the journey would be filled with comically chaotic mishaps.


Charlie, sporting a messy hairstyle and a determined expression, sat in front of a computer screen surrounded by gadgets and props. Today was the day—a masterpiece was about to be born.

Today, I shall create the most hilarious comedy short the world has ever seen!

With a wave of enthusiasm, Charlie began editing the footage, armed with a plethora of annoying sound effects and cheesy visual filters.


Charlie’s first attempt at comedy brilliance involved a scene in which a cupcake would explode in the face of an unsuspecting character. However, instead of the desired comedic effect, the explosion sound effect was turned up to ear-piercing levels, causing Charlie to jump out of their seat and spill their coffee.

Who knew an exploding cupcake could be so…loud?


Undeterred by the previous mishap, Charlie proceeded to the next scene, which involved a character walking in squeaky shoes. However, the sound effect played on an endless loop, transforming the scene into a comedic ballet of never-ending squeaks.

I guess I’ve created a comedy short about the squeakiest shoes in existence!


Charlie’s ambition grew as they tackled a slapstick comedy scene, featuring a character slipping on a banana peel. But as luck would have it, the banana peel visual effect glitched, causing the character to levitate in mid-air instead of falling.

(grinning sheepishly)
Well, it seems gravity has taken a comedy short vacation in this scene!


Not one to give up easily, Charlie proceeded to the next comedy short. This time, they aimed to create a magical disappearing act. However, instead of a smooth transition, the visual effect created a glitchy, stop-motion-like disappearance, leaving Charlie in stitches.

(teary-eyed from laughter)
Who needs a magician when you have glitchy disappearances like these?


As the day progressed, Charlie’s enthusiasm remained unwavering. Determined to salvage the comedy short, they embarked on a grand finale—a scene filled with epic fails. But as Charlie inserted the audio track of laughter, a technical glitch caused the volume to skyrocket, echoing throughout the entire neighborhood.

(from a distance)
What in the world is going on over there?

Just creating a comedy short that’s heard around the block!


With each mishap, Charlie’s determination grew stronger. They set up a scene involving a comical collision between two characters, but instead of a subtle comedic bump, the visual effect transformed the collision into an exaggerated, Looney Tunes-like explosion.

(laughing uncontrollably)
I guess a simple collision wasn’t enough. It had to be an epic comedy short explosion!


As the sun began to set, Charlie found themselves in the midstof a time-loop comedy short. Every time they tried to delete a section of footage, it magically reappeared, creating a never-ending loop of comedic confusion.

I seem to have stumbled upon the comedy short that defies the laws of time and editing!


With exhaustion setting in, Charlie decided to wrap up their comedic creation with an absurd plot twist. However, instead of the expected laughter-inducing twist, the visual effect turned the scene into a bizarre mix of talking vegetables and dancing animals.

In the end, the comedy short wasn’t about perfection but about the hilarity found within the mistakes and unexpected moments.

As the final credits rolled, Charlie couldn’t help but burst into laughter, appreciating the comedic journey they had undertaken.

And so, in the comically chaotic world of Charlie’s creation, the laughter echoed through the night, reminding us that sometimes, the funniest moments arise from the most unexpected mishaps.

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In this comedy short we show how guys use Tinder compared to girls.

Once upon a time in the digital dating realm, there existed a world of swipes, matches, and comedic encounters. Enter the realm of Tinder, where boys and girls showcased their unique approaches to the art of finding love (or something like it). Let’s embark on a comedy short journey and explore the hilariously different ways boys and girls navigate the world of online dating.

Swipe Strategies:
Boys, armed with a thumb ready for action, approached Tinder like a game of rapid-fire. Left, left, left… wait, is that a dog in her photo? Right! Swipe, swipe, match! Comedy short indeed, as they played the numbers game, hoping for a spark.

Girls, on the other hand, adopted a more selective approach. They carefully analyzed each profile, scanning for red flags and comedy short potential. Only the chosen few made it past the meticulous vetting process.

Opening Lines:
Boys, with their comedy short charm in full swing, often resorted to cheesy pickup lines. “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at your pictures, everyone else disappears!” Laughter ensued, even if eye-rolling accompanied it.

Girls, being the masters of wit, crafted opening lines that packed a comedic punch. “Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for!” The giggles were aplenty, even if the interest varied.

Profile Pictures:
Boys, in their quest for comedy short attention, flaunted their adventurous side. Pictures of skydiving, posing with exotic animals, and a few shirtless mirror selfies often adorned their profiles. Comedy short indeed, as they showcased their wild side.

Girls, with their impeccable comedic timing, sprinkled their profiles with photos capturing their vibrant personalities. They mastered the art of the group photo, leaving potential matches to play a comedic game of “Where’s Waldo?”

Messaging Style:
Boys, fueled by their comedy short ambitions, often favored the direct approach. “Hey, you’re cute. Wanna grab a coffee?” Their intentions were clear, and their humor, albeit often lacking subtlety, provided moments of genuine laughter.

Girls, masters of the comedic cliffhanger, enjoyed teasing potential matches with witty banter. Their messages resembled a comedy short script, leaving the boys intrigued and eagerly awaiting the next punchline.

Boys, in their comedy short moments of oblivion, sometimes lacked the finesse when it came to ghosting. A match that seemed promising one day could disappear without a trace the next, leaving girls scratching their heads and chuckling at the irony.

Girls, with their comedy short prowess, perfected the art of the graceful ghost. They would engage in a series of witty exchanges, only to disappear into the digital abyss with a clever punchline, leaving boys wondering if it was all part of a grand comedic plot.

First Dates:
Boys, with their comedy short sense of adventure, opted for unconventional first date choices. Miniature golf with clashing golf swings and laser tag battles provided ample opportunities for laughter. Even if the romantic connection wasn’t made, comedy was never far behind.

Girls, with their comedy short charisma, enjoyed the classic dinner date with a twist. They turned the evening into a comedic performance, sharing humorous anecdotes and effortlessly bringing smiles to their dates’ faces.

Relationship Expectations:
Boys, with their comedy short knack for spontaneity, often embraced the unpredictable nature of relationships. They were ready to dive headfirst into the rollercoaster ride of love, knowing that comedy and unpredictability would be their constant companions.
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Atheist SELLS first BIBLE #shorts

In this comedy short a man sells the first bible.

The small town of Oakwood was abuzz with excitement as news spread like wildfire. The town’s most notorious atheist, Jacob Thompson, had declared that he would be auctioning off an ancient relic—the first-ever printed Bible. It was a peculiar turn of events that had the whole community intrigued and eager to see what would unfold.

Jacob Thompson had always been a controversial figure in Oakwood. His staunch atheism clashed with the deeply religious values held by many of the townspeople. He was known for his sharp wit, provocative debates, and unyielding skepticism. People either admired him for his courage or despised him for his audacity.

Word of the auction reached the neighboring towns, drawing a diverse crowd of curious onlookers, historians, collectors, and religious figures. The event was held in the grand Oakwood Hall, a historic venue usually reserved for weddings and special occasions. But today, it had become a stage for an unusual spectacle.

The atmosphere in Oakwood Hall crackled with anticipation. The room was adorned with ancient artifacts, paintings, and religious symbols. As the clock ticked closer to the start of the auction, a hush fell over the crowd, and all eyes turned to the stage.

Jacob Thompson stood tall, his piercing blue eyes surveying the expectant faces before him. He wore a wry smile, aware of the controversy he had sparked. His opening remarks were deliberate and thought-provoking, challenging the status quo and questioning the fundamental beliefs that had shaped society for centuries.

“I stand before you today to challenge the very fabric of faith,” Jacob began, his voice carrying a mix of conviction and skepticism. “In my possession, I hold a book that has divided nations, sparked wars, and shaped the course of history. It is a book that some consider sacred, while others deem it a work of fiction. Today, I offer you the opportunity to own the first printed Bible—a symbol of human belief and conviction.”

The audience leaned forward in anticipation, intrigued by the audacity of Jacob’s proposition. Bidding started cautiously but soon escalated into a fierce competition. Collectors and scholars vied for the precious artifact, each eager to possess a piece of history. The price climbed higher and higher, surpassing anyone’s expectations.

As the bids reached astronomical figures, a silver-haired gentleman emerged from the crowd. His eyes gleamed with wisdom and curiosity, his hands trembling with anticipation. It was Dr. Michael Reynolds, a renowned biblical scholar and devout Christian, who had dedicated his life to studying ancient texts.

Dr. Reynolds raised his paddle, his voice filled with conviction. “Fifteen million dollars!”

A hush fell over the room as all eyes turned to Jacob Thompson, waiting to see his reaction. Jacob’s eyes locked with Dr. Reynolds, a hint of admiration shining through his skeptical gaze.

“And sold to Dr. Michael Reynolds,” Jacob announced, a touch of irony in his voice.

The crowd erupted in applause, a mix of relief and curiosity. Dr. Reynolds made his way to the stage, his hands trembling with both excitement and trepidation. As he took hold of the first printed Bible, a profound silence fell upon the room. Time seemed to stand still as the weight of the moment sunk in.

“I am a man of faith,” Dr. Reynolds began, his voice filled with reverence. “But I am also a scholar who recognizes the importance of challenging our beliefs and questioning our understanding of history. This book represents more than a religious text. It symbolizes the human journey—the pursuit of knowledge, the power of words, and the complexities of belief.”

Jacob Thompson, forever known as the atheist who sold the first Bible, continued his provocative conversations and debates, but with a newfound appreciation for the value of respectful dialogue. He remained a symbol of the power of critical thinking and intellectual exploration, encouraging others to question and challenge their own beliefs, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

And so, the auction of the first Bible became a turning point in the small town of Oakwood, reminding its inhabitants that in the pursuit of truth, understanding, and unity, even the unlikeliest alliances could be forged, and the boundaries of knowledge and belief could be expanded.

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A comedy short on how married people sleep.

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Hilarityville, there lived a group of married couples who had been together for ten years or more. These couples, known for their love of laughter and lightheartedness, had developed their own unique ways of sleeping in the same bed, creating a series of comedic bedtime rituals. Let’s delve into their side-splitting slumber adventures!

Meet Bob and Linda, a couple known for their snoring symphonies. Bob, with his impeccable ability to imitate various farm animals in his sleep, provided nightly entertainment for Linda. As soon as the lights went out, Linda would eagerly anticipate Bob’s sleep-time rendition of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” The hilarious melodies never failed to put a smile on their faces.

Across the street, Frank and Carol had mastered the art of duvet wrestling. Their comedic routine began as soon as they crawled under the covers. Frank, in an attempt to keep warm, would stealthily grab the duvet and wrap himself up like a burrito. Carol, with lightning-fast reflexes, would respond by unraveling the duvet and playfully tucking Frank in. This nightly battle for warmth became their nightly comedy show, leaving them in stitches before drifting off to sleep.

Next door, we find Henry and Martha, the undisputed champions of midnight snack comedy. As the clock struck midnight, a symphony of creaking floorboards and clinking utensils would resonate throughout their home. Armed with their secret stash of cookies and potato chips, Henry and Martha transformed their nocturnal cravings into a comedy routine. They would tiptoe downstairs, engage in a stealthy snack hunt, and share their spoils with exaggerated whispers and exaggerated facial expressions. Their comedy short of clandestine munching never failed to leave them rolling with laughter.

In the neighboring house, Steve and Diane embarked on nightly slapstick adventures. Steve, the notorious sleepwalker, would unknowingly act out hilarious scenes in his dreams. On one occasion, Diane awoke to find Steve engaged in a friendly pillow fight with an invisible opponent. With her quick thinking, Diane grabbed a feather pillow and joined in the imaginary battle, turning their bedroom into a comedy battlefield. They would wake up the next morning, covered in feathers, with tear-streaked faces from laughter-induced exhaustion.

Down the road, we find Jim and Sarah, the masters of synchronized snuggling comedy. As soon as they settled into bed, their limbs seemed to have a mind of their own. What started as an innocent cuddle quickly turned into a comedic contortionist act. Arms tangled, legs entwined, they twisted and turned in a mesmerizing display of acrobatic snuggling. Their comedy short of nightly snuggle gymnastics brought them closer together, fostering a sense of connection and laughter.

Moving on, we arrive at the residence of Tom and Emily, the comedy short aficionados. Tom, a self-proclaimed amateur comedian, couldn’t resist the opportunity to entertain his wife before sleep. Each night, he would recount his day in exaggerated detail, adding humorous twists and turns to even the most mundane events. Emily, with her infectious laughter, would encourage Tom’s comedic storytelling, turning their bedroom into a stand-up comedy club. Their laughter echoed through the house, leaving their children perplexed and eager to learn the secrets of their bedtime hilarity.

In this corner of Hilarityville, we witness the extraordinary sleep antics of long-term married couples. Their comedic bedtime rituals not only brought laughter and joy but also strengthened their bonds and created lasting memories. The comedy shorts performed within the walls of their homes showcased the power of humor in cultivating love and togetherness.

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