Bob Champion £1 Bets #ukcomedy

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In the world of horse racing, there was no one quite like Bob Champion, a legendary jockey known for his remarkable triumphs both on and off the track. Despite facing tremendous challenges, including a battle with cancer, Bob’s spirit remained unbreakable, and his passion for racing never wavered.

Enter Nigel Green, a TV presenter with a penchant for placing small bets on horse races. Nigel was intrigued by the thrill of the track but lacked the insider knowledge to make informed wagers. That is until he crossed paths with Bob Champion.

One day, Nigel found himself interviewing Bob for a special segment on his show. As they chatted, Nigel couldn’t help but admire Bob’s wealth of experience and insight into the world of horse racing. Sensing Nigel’s interest, Bob offered to share some of his racing tips.

“Treat every race like a Grand National,” Bob advised with a knowing smile. “And always trust your gut.”

Excited by the prospect of gaining an edge in his betting endeavors, Nigel eagerly took Bob’s advice to heart. Despite only placing small one-pound bets, Nigel began to see remarkable success, with nearly every race resulting in a win.

Week after week, Nigel’s viewers marveled at his uncanny ability to pick winners, despite his modest wagers. They tuned in eagerly to hear Bob Champion’s latest tips, knowing that they held the key to Nigel’s seemingly magical streak of luck.

But as Nigel’s winnings piled up, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to his success than just blind luck. It wasn’t until he learned about Bob’s incredible journey—a battle with cancer followed by a triumphant return to the track—that Nigel truly understood the significance of the advice he had been given.

“You know,” Nigel mused to himself, “maybe there’s something to be said about listening to someone who’s won the Grand National and beaten cancer.”

With newfound respect for Bob Champion and his extraordinary resilience, Nigel continued to place his bets, now with an added sense of reverence for the man behind the tips. And though his winnings may have been modest, Nigel knew that he was betting on more than just horses—he was betting on the wisdom of a true champion.

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Bigous Idiotous – Comedy Short Film

This is a comedy short film called Bigous Idiotous, where Scarlet’s Dad Kevin suffers from a condition whereby every time they meet, he turns into a big kid.


I decided to make this short film in preparation for a feature film that I’m shooting later in the year.

Is the short film perfect, no, far from it. I kept things very loose, with a crew of only one person, to stress test my own production limits.

In a cozy suburban neighborhood, we meet Kevin, a recently divorced single dad with a heart full of mischief. His 12-year-old daughter, Scarlet, brings out the playful side in him, turning every moment into a comedy short film. The film takes us through a day of their hilarious escapades.

Scene 1: Morning Madness
Comedy Short Film:
Kevin’s alarm blares, jolting him awake. He springs out of bed with the energy of a caffeinated squirrel, clad in his superhero-themed pajamas. With a dramatic swish, he pulls back his curtains to greet the morning sun.

Comedy Short Film: 2
In the kitchen, he whips up a pancake tower with whipped cream hair and a banana smiley face. “Breakfast, served with a side of comedy short film magic!” he announces with a flourish.

Scene 2: Goofy Greetings
Comedy Short Film: 3
Scarlet enters the kitchen, blinking at her dad’s antics. “Dad, are you trying to win the award for the zaniest dad?”

Comedy Short Film: 4
Kevin strikes a pose, one hand on his hip and the other waving an imaginary award. “Why, yes! The prestigious ‘Comedy Short Film Dad of the Year’!”

Scene 3: Impromptu Dance Party
Comedy Short Film: 5
On the way to school, Kevin can’t resist busting out his signature dance move, the “Dad Shuffle.” He wiggles and spins, narrowly avoiding a collision with a mailbox.

Comedy Short Film: 6

Scarlet covers her face with her hands, shaking her head. “Dad, you’re turning the sidewalk into a comedy short film!”

Scene 4: School Pick-Up Prank

Comedy Short Film: 7

When Kevin arrives to pick up Scarlet from school, he’s wearing a rubber chicken on his head. Kids around them giggle and point, as if they’ve just walked into a live comedy short film.

Comedy Short Film: 8

Scarlet rolls her eyes, pretending to be embarrassed. “Dad, you’re a walking, clucking comedy short film.”

Scene 5: Silly Science Experiments

Comedy Short Film: 9

Back at home, Kevin suggests they do a science experiment involving baking soda and vinegar. However, he forgets to calculate the explosive results, and soon, foam is overflowing onto the kitchen counter.

Comedy Short Film: 10

Scarlet raises an eyebrow, her face half-covered in foam. “Dad, our kitchen has transformed into a bubbling comedy short film laboratory!”

Scene 6: Park Shenanigans

Comedy Short Film: 11

At the park, Kevin challenges Scarlet to a race, complete with exaggerated sound effects and running in slow motion. They cross the finish line, collapsing in a fit of laughter.

Comedy Short Film: 12

Scarlet points to an elderly couple nearby, chuckling, “Dad, you’ve just given them a front-row seat to our comedy short film marathon!”

Scene 7: Artistic Antics

Comedy Short Film: 13

Deciding to embrace their creative sides, Kevin and Scarlet set up a painting station in the backyard. Kevin ends up with more paint on his face than on the canvas, turning their artistic venture into a comedy short film masterpiece.

Comedy Short Film: 14
Scarlet holds up her paint-splattered hands, “Dad, our backyard is like a gallery of comedy short film paintings!”

Scene 8: Bedtime Bonanza

Comedy Short Film: 15
As the day winds down, Kevin turns bedtime into an adventure. He reads a story with dramatic voices and actions, making Scarlet laugh until her sides hurt.

Comedy Short Film: 16
Scarlet giggles, struggling to catch her breath, “Dad, you’re the king of bedtime comedy short films!”

Comedy Short Film: 18
Scarlet raises an eyebrow, playing along, “Oh really, Dad? And what’s the official title?”

Comedy Short Film: 19
Kevin leans closer, a twinkle in his eye, “The Chief Executive Officer of Comedy Short Films!”

Comedy Short Film: 20
They burst into laughter, their bond stronger than ever.
The comedy short film ends with Kevin and Scarlet sharing a heartfelt hug, reminding us that even in the silliest moments, the connection between a father and daughter is the ultimate comedy short film that warms the heart.

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Ghost Dad Cheers Up Daughter #shorts

Part 7 of the short comedy film Bigous Idiotous. See the full video below.
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Kevin, a 40-year-old dad with a heart full of laughter and a mischievous spirit, had always believed that life should be a series of joyful adventures. Even in death, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to spread a little cheer. When he found himself in the realm of the supernatural, he decided to pay his 12-year-old daughter, Scarlet, a visit in the most unexpected and amusing way.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across Scarlet’s room, an ethereal figure began to take shape near her bed. It was Kevin, but not quite as she remembered him—his features had a ghostly glow, and his laughter echoed in the air.

“Dad?” Scarlet whispered, her heart racing as she sat up in bed.

Kevin’s ghostly form grinned mischievously. “The one and only, my dear.”

Scarlet blinked, a mixture of surprise and awe on her face. “Are you… a ghost?”

Kevin’s ghostly laughter filled the room. “Well, if by ‘ghost’ you mean a delightful apparition here to lift your spirits, then yes!”

Scarlet’s fear turned into a mixture of curiosity and amusement. “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to offer some ghostly guidance and a dash of my trademark humor,” Kevin replied, floating a few inches off the ground.

Scarlet’s lips twitched into a smile. “So, you’re here to haunt me with dad jokes?”

“Guilty as charged,” Kevin said with a wink. “But fear not, my dear. I’m here to remind you that life is full of joy, even in the most unexpected circumstances.”

With that, Kevin conjured a small carton of cream out of thin air and held it out to Scarlet.

“Behold, the vessel of silliness,” he proclaimed, presenting the carton with a flourish.

Scarlet raised an eyebrow. “Cream? What am I supposed to do with that?”

Kevin’s ghostly grin widened. “Watch and learn.”

With a wave of his ghostly hand, Kevin directed the cream to float above Scarlet’s bed, its contents defying gravity.

“Now, my dear, imagine you’re at a grand event—an event in need of a touch of hilarity,” Kevin instructed.

Scarlet giggled, playing along. “Okay, I’m at an event.”

“Excellent,” Kevin said. “Now, behold the unsuspecting gentleman entering the scene.”

In a burst of ghostly light, an imaginary man materialized before Scarlet’s eyes. He wore a suit, his hair impeccably styled.

“Now, my dear, take the cream and pour it—ever so gently—onto the gentleman’s head,” Kevin whispered, his ghostly voice full of mischief.

Scarlet laughed, her imagination running wild. She picked up the imaginary cream and, with a dramatic flourish, mimed pouring it onto the imaginary man’s head.

Kevin’s laughter echoed in the room. “And now, my dear, watch as hilarity ensues!”

“Exactly!” Kevin exclaimed. “Life’s too short to take everything seriously. Embrace the unexpected, find joy in the absurd, and never be afraid to pour cream on someone’s head—metaphorically speaking, of course.”

As Scarlet’s laughter subsided, Kevin’s ghostly form floated closer to her.

“Remember, my dear, even when I’m not physically here, my spirit and my love for laughter will always be with you,” Kevin said, his voice gentle.

Scarlet smiled through her tears. “Thanks, Dad. I miss you.”

Kevin’s ghostly hand reached out and gently touched her cheek. “And I miss you, too. But I’ll always be here to remind you that life is a grand adventure, meant to be filled with joy, laughter, and a little bit of cream.”

With that, Kevin’s ghostly figure began to fade, his laughter lingering in the air.

“Goodbye, Dad,” Scarlet whispered, her heart full.

And as Kevin’s presence dissipated, Scarlet felt a renewed sense of warmth and joy. His spectral visit had been a reminder that even in the most unlikely circumstances, her father’s spirit of laughter and love would always be there to guide her.

As the days turned into weeks, Scarlet found herself embracing Kevin’s philosophy of silliness and spontaneity. She didn’t need to physically pour cream on anyone’s head to experience the joy of life; all she needed was the memory of her father’s ghostly visit and the belief that even in the face of loss, laughter could be a powerful source of healing and connection.

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Sunday Morning Wake-Up #shorts

Part 5 of the short comedy film Bigous Idiotous. See the full video below.
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Kevin, a 40-year-old dad with an unrivaled zest for life, had a reputation for turning the most ordinary moments into hilarious escapades. Every Sunday morning was his canvas, and his daughter, Scarlet, at the tender age of 12, was his unsuspecting collaborator. Little did she know that her father’s wake-up calls would soon become legendary, setting the stage for weekly laughter-filled adventures.

One sunny Sunday morning, as the first rays of light crept through the curtains, Kevin decided it was time to rouse his slumbering daughter from her dreams. Armed with a collection of zany wake-up methods, he tiptoed into Scarlet’s room, his face already sporting a devilish grin.

Scarlet lay peacefully in her bed, her hair cascading over her pillow. Her sleep was as deep as an ocean, undisturbed by the approaching storm of Kevin’s antics.

“Good morning, world!” Kevin declared in a stage whisper, raising his arms dramatically.

Scarlet stirred slightly but remained asleep.

Undeterred, Kevin reached for a nearby toy trumpet, the kind that had once been used to serenade joyful parades and now had a new purpose: rousing teenage girls from slumber. With a deep breath, he blew into the trumpet, producing a series of ear-splitting, off-key notes that shattered the morning tranquility.

Scarlet shot up in bed, her eyes wide with surprise, and then promptly burst into laughter. “Dad, are you trying to scare the entire neighborhood?”

Kevin’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Just doing my part to bring some musical magic to the morning!”

As the weeks went by, Kevin’s wake-up antics grew more inventive. One Sunday, he donned a chef’s hat and burst into Scarlet’s room, brandishing a spatula like a knight with a sword.

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead!” he cried, wielding the spatula as if it were a scepter.

Scarlet pulled the covers over her head. “Dad, seriously?”

But Kevin was undeterred. He brandished the spatula, mimicking a conductor’s gestures, and hummed a cheerful tune. As he ‘conducted’ his imaginary orchestra, he unintentionally knocked over a stack of books, producing a loud crash that sent both of them into fits of laughter.

“Dad, you’re nuts,” Scarlet giggled from beneath her covers.

“Absolutely nutty for the art of waking up!” Kevin proclaimed, his eyes twinkling.

The wake-up extravaganzas continued. One Sunday, Kevin arrived in Scarlet’s room dressed as a pirate, complete with a makeshift eye patch and a foam sword.

“Ahoy, matey! Time to set sail on the ship of the day!” he bellowed, waving his foam sword like a swashbuckling captain.

Scarlet buried her face in her pillow, her laughter muffled. “Can’t I just have one peaceful Sunday morning?”

“Peaceful mornings are overrated. Adventure awaits!” Kevin replied, his pirate voice remarkably convincing.

Despite her playful protests, Scarlet couldn’t help but join in the laughter. She found herself eagerly anticipating each Sunday morning, wondering what her dad’s next hilarious wake-up scheme would be.

But Kevin wasn’t done. He pulled out a bubble gun from behind his back and fired it at full blast, filling the room with a cascade of colorful bubbles.

“Prepare for the bubble onslaught!” he shouted, his laughter joining Scarlet’s.

The room was transformed into a swirling sea of bubbles, and amidst the laughter and chaos, Scarlet realized that her dad’s wake-up calls were more than just funny moments—they were a reminder of the joy and connection they shared.

As the bubbles settled, Kevin plopped down on the bed, his cape draped over his shoulder like a superhero on a break.

“So, my young apprentice, have you learned the secrets of waking up with a splash of chaos?” he asked with a grin.

Scarlet wiped away a tear of laughter, her heart full. “Yes, Dad. I’ve learned that life is better with a bit of your crazy charm.”

Kevin ruffled her hair affectionately. “And don’t you forget it, kiddo.”

And so, Kevin’s Sunday wake-up extravaganzas became a cherished tradition. Each week brought a new wave of laughter, a new way to start the day with a smile, and a reminder that life’s greatest treasures could often be found in the silliest and most unexpected moments.

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FAILING an EDGAR WRIGHT food slide #shorts

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In the heart of a bustling city, lived an aspiring young filmmaker named Max. Max had always been captivated by the works of legendary director Edgar Wright, whose movies were known for their innovative and stylish visual storytelling. One particular shot that Max admired was the famous “food slide” scene in one of Wright’s masterpieces. In this shot, a plate of delicious food slid smoothly across the table, creating a mesmerizing visual treat for the audience. Max was determined to recreate this iconic shot in his latest project – a short film about a chef with extraordinary culinary skills.

Part 2: The Ambitious Plan

Max gathered his crew, which consisted of his friends and a few film school acquaintances, who shared his enthusiasm for filmmaking. He meticulously planned the scene, carefully choreographing the food slide shot to perfection. Max was confident that he had it all figured out, and he couldn’t wait to see his vision come to life on the screen.

Part 3: The Set-Up

On the day of the shoot, the crew arrived early to set up the scene. The location was a cozy, upscale restaurant with a stunning view of the city. Max was thrilled to have such a perfect backdrop for his film. The chef, Chef Pierre, who was the star of the short film, had prepared a mouth-watering feast for the shot. The table was adorned with an array of delectable dishes, each expertly plated and ready for their cinematic debut.

Part 4: The First Attempt

As the cameras rolled, Max felt a surge of excitement. He directed Chef Pierre to execute the food slide precisely as he had envisioned it. With a flick of his wrist, Chef Pierre sent a plate of pasta gliding across the table. However, to Max’s dismay, the plate bumped into a wine glass and sent it tumbling over the edge, shattering on the floor.

Max’s frustration was palpable, but he remained determined to get the shot right. They cleaned up the mess and reset the scene, making slight adjustments to the trajectory of the food slide. Take two! Once again, the food slid perfectly, but this time, it knocked over a vase of flowers, drenching the tablecloth and ruining the shot.

Part 5: The Unraveling

With each failed attempt, Max’s confidence waned, and his crew grew restless. The once-exciting atmosphere on set was now tinged with disappointment and tension. Max’s perfectionism began to get the best of him, and he started micro-managing every detail. The crew members felt stifled, and the spontaneity that made Edgar Wright’s films so brilliant seemed to be slipping away.

Part 6: The Breaking Point

Determined to salvage the scene, Max decided to try a different approach. He made extensive changes to the set, repositioning the camera, altering the lighting, and even swapping out some of the dishes. The crew reluctantly went along with Max’s new plan, hoping that this would finally lead to a successful food slide shot.

Part 7: The Revelation

As the cameras rolled once again, Max held his breath, praying that this time it would work. Chef Pierre executed the slide with precision, and for a moment, it seemed like they had finally succeeded. But just as the plate reached its destination, a clumsy grip on the camera caused it to tilt, capturing the disaster on film as the plate of food collided with the camera, knocking it over.

In that moment of utter chaos, Max’s dreams of recreating the Edgar Wright style shot came crashing down. The crew stood in stunned silence, unsure of what to say. Max felt defeated, his ambitious vision now nothing more than a series of unfortunate events.

Part 8: The Silver Lining

As the crew gathered around the wreckage, they shared a collective laugh. Max realized that perhaps he had been too focused on emulating someone else’s style instead of embracing his own voice as a director. He understood that filmmaking was not about replicating others’ success but about finding one’s unique perspective and creative flair.

In the end, Max understood that failures were not necessarily setbacks but opportunities for growth and self-discovery. As he walked off the stage, he knew that his journey as a director had just begun, and he was excited to explore his own style and continue honing his craft in the world of cinema.

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