Team Games

Get your guests working together

and against each other with our team games.

Play Your Cards Right

Play Your Cards Right was made famous by the late great Sir Bruce Forsyth. Two teams compete by answering questions to win a chance to turn the cards over, will the next card be HIGHER or LOWER, you decide!

This can be played with two teams of up to 4 people each.

Wheel of Fortune

The popular game Wheel of Fortune has been aired in one country or another since 1975 and is a popular choice with corporate clients.

We run a digital version of the game using our projector screen and up to 5 individuals can take part at one time.

Family Fortunes

Family Fortunes can be a high energy and interactive game, as it can include up to 2 teams with 6 people on each team.

On each round the two teams are asked to guess the answers to previous surveys that have appeared on the show.

Catch Phrase

With our digital version of Catch Phrase you have to say what you see on our projector screen as you try and guess the popular catch phrase with the slowly revealing visual clues.

The Generation Game

The Generation Game was another great hit for the late, great Bruce Forsyth. This involves two teams of up to six people each, as they are shown how to do simple tasks that they then need to copy to the best of their ability.

We have the option to bring in outside performers for the show, to create a truly unique and engaging experience.

Each round the audience decides who has won, to maximise audience participation.

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