TV Pilots

A sketchbook which makes a 10 year old imagination come to life, a guy where everything goes wrong and a whole bunch of scripts which didn't make it to production.

The Sketchbook (2021) is a sitcom which follows Nigel, who lacks confidence and self respect. Being divorced he’s filled with single Dad guilt. He moonlights as a wedding Toastmaster, pushed around by his work colleagues and guests. 

He’s tried for many years to be a successful author, but every script he’s produced has failed. Wanting him to be happy his 10 year old daughter draws him a girlfriend in a cursed antique sketch book, which Nigel gives her for her birthday. Little does she know that what is drawn within it is brought to life, with dire consequences.

The FIRST TV Pilot

So I’ll be the first to admit that my first TV pilot was rough. The whole thing was written and produced in 3 months. Madness.

Rather than leave it on my digital shelf it’s been repackaged as How NOT to Create A TV Show, which you can see below.